Some nice show news for us 🤩
    Our sweet girl “Vlnka” – HELLO MARYLOU MYSTIC MIRACLE ❤️ which attended only a few shows during this year and had her first puppies 😍became 
    (from all slovak sc chihuahua females) and also 
    (where compete all dogs entered at SK shows from all countries)

    Also boys did well 😊
    Our dear Swedish guest “Killian” – PANDILLO DE BESITO START ME UP 💙 is #3 BEST SC CHIHUAHUA MALE in the competition OPEN SLOVAKIA DOG CUP 2018 🎉🎉
    Congrats to his owners Gabriella and Samuel Carlidand breeder Ellinor Klingborn Oldenvik ❤️

    And “Vlnka´s” brother “Leo” – HOLD ME TIGHT MYSTIC MIRACLE 💙 is #4 BEST SC CHIHUAHUA MALE in the competition OPEN SLOVAKIA DOG CUP 2018 🎉🎉
    Congrats to his owner Johana – Hosana Box ❤️

    We have updated our page “Puppies” with new info about our current promising junior female for sale. For more info feel free to contact us. 

    🏆Wonderful last show day of the year for us 😍✨ 
    We showed only our dear guest “Killian” – PANDILLO DE BESITO START ME UP 💙 who did well like always and got 

    Exc.1 – CAC – CACIB – BEST OF BREED!! 🤩🎉🥇🏆

    Huge congrats to his owners Gabriella & Samuel Carlid and breeder Ellinor Klingborn Oldenvik ❤️
    Thanks to judge: Mr. Tomáš Kučera /CZ/!

    🌟Our offsprings did well too 😍
    At the same show “Lilly” – I’M PERIWINKLE MYSTIC MIRACLE ❤️ got in junior class

    Excellent 1 – JCAC 🏆🥇

    Big congrats to her owners Šárka & Roman Součkovi!!

    And at INT show in Wels /AT/ under judge Mrs. Uschi Eisner /AT/ got “Haley” – HIDDEN BEAUTY MYSTIC MIRACLE ❤️

    Excellent 2 – res. CACA 🤩🎉

    Big congrats to her owner Johanna Barbara Abrandner! 
    Sooo happy!! 😍

    Our offsprings did really well at the last CZ show of this year 🙂 
    JCH. Hold Me Tight Mystic Miracle ❤️

    Exc.1 – CAC – CACIB – PRAGUE WINNER´18 – BEST OF BREED!!  🏆🥇

    PuppyCH. Greeting of Alaska Mystic Miracle  ❤️ 

    Exc.2/9 – res. CAC 🏆 

    Charlotte Gray Mystic Miracle ❤️

    Excellent 4/11 🏆

    Thanks to breed specialist Mr. Adam Ostrowski /PL/ and huge congrats to owners of “Leo” – Johana Srbová, “Grethe” – Saša Váchalová and “Charlotte” – Eva Toflová!! So happy and proud of you all!!

    We have got great news from NL! 

    I’m Tinker Bell Mystic Miracle

    Exc. 2 – res. CAC

    from junior class!! Only 9 months old 🙂

    Big congrats to her owner Sonja van Eeden!!

    We are so happy to got many lovely news about Lilly‘s successes from several shows and countries 😍

    I‘m Periwinkle Mystic Miracle ❤️

    28/9/2018 Club Show of chihuahuas /CZ/

    Very Promising 1/5 in puppy class 🏆 under judge Mrs. Zofia Konderla /PL/

    29-30/9/2018 INT shows Tulln /AT/

    2x Very Promising 1 🏆

    19-20/10/2018 INT shows Komarom /HU/

    2x Very Promising 1 🏆

    Huge congrats to her owners Šárka and Roman Součkovi for loving and showing her ❤️


    Wonderful success of our “Lilly” 😍

    🏆 I’m Periwinkle Mystic Miracle – Very promising 1 – res. BIS puppy!!! 🏆 out of around 20 puppies 😍

    Thanks to judges: Mr. Robert Kubeš and Mrs. Dana Juřicová!

    Biggest congrats to her owners Šárka and Roman Součkovi!!


    Another nice news from Czech!

    JCH. Hold Me Tight Mystic Miracle “Leo” – excellent 1 – CAC 🏆  

    Thanks to judge: Rafal First /PL/ and congrats to his owner Johana!


    Got a lovely news about results from 2x INT shows in Bratislava!! 

     JCH. Hold Me Tight Mystic Miracle “Leo” 
    Saturday results: Excellent 1 – CAC
    Sunday results: Excellent 1 – CAC – res. CACIB 

    I‘m Periwinkle Mystic Miracle “Lilly” 
    Saturday: Very Promising 1
    Sunday: Very Promising 1 

    Thanks to judges: Mrs. Zdenka Jílková /CZ/ and Mr. Vladimír Javorčík /SK/!

    Biggest congrats to Leo‘s owner Johana Srbová and Lilly‘s owners Šárka & Roman Součkovi!!


      Heartstopper Mystic Miracle 
     Excellent 1  CWC /cac/ and BEST OF BREED 
    Thanks to judge: Małgorzata Jung (PL)!

    Biggest congrats to his owner Marta Nowicka!! Well done