*** Our Year 2013 ***

    As every year in this time we are going to look what this year brought to us and what we managed ūüôā And I have to say that this year was VERY successful for our kennel ūüôā

    During this year I had a pleasure to showing 4 chis – our beloved boy¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zero¬†and three lovely girls¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zanzara,¬†Helmi√§isen Ariel¬†and¬†Helmi√§isen Set Fire to the Rain. We¬īve got¬†7 new Champion titles¬†and¬†4 new Junior Champion titles. And totally they got:¬†BISS-1, BISS-3, jBISS-1, res.jBISS, 14x BOB, BOS, 8x CACIB, 6x r.CACIB, 35x CAC, 11x r.CAC, 10x BOB junior, 16x J-CAC… and also¬†Speciality Winner, Derby Winner, Grand Prix Slovakia Junior Winner, Speciality Junior Winner, Victory Junior Winner and Cruft¬īs Qualification¬ī14. All of this from 5 countries (SK, AT, PL, HU, RS).

    It¬īs worth mentioning¬†also a great success with a lovely girl –¬†Fortuna Victory Abigail, which was with me¬†Junior BOB, BOB¬†and¬†Junior BISS-1¬†at Club show in CZ under the specialist Rudi Peters Brandt (DK) ūüôā

    I¬īm very proud of all of these little darlings and would like to say a big THANK YOU to breeder¬†Merja Kahelin¬†for her trust! And my thanks goes also to my friend – owner of “Abi”¬†Lenka LaŇ°Ň°√°kov√°¬†and to all judges who appreciated our darlings so high ūüôā

    And now hopefully it¬īs soon time for our first babies… ūüėČ


    26. 10. 2013  INT Bratislava /SK/

    JCH. Helmiäisen Ariel Рjust reached age 15 months this week and already had a debut in intermedia class with a result 
    Excellent 1 РCAC

    and has started her first “adult” CH title :)) So happy for her¬†

    Many thanks to judge: Mrs. Vija Kluńćniece ( Latvia )!



    20. 10. 2013  Club Show of  chihuahuas, Ostrava /CZ/

    ¬†This time we had with us only our young girl “Ariel”, which got excellent and 2.place from 10 junior females¬†with very nice critique ūüôā
    And I also had a pleasure to handled a lovely junior female “Abi”.¬†It was her debut and our first show together and she did very well ūüôā

    JCH. Helmi√§isen Ariel –¬†Excellent¬†2 / 10

    Fortuna Victory Abigail –¬†Excellent¬†1/9, JCAC, BOB junior,¬†BEST OF BREED¬†and¬†Junior¬†BEST IN SHOW¬†– 1¬†!!!

    Many thanks to judge Mr. Rudi Peters Brandt (DK)!!!

    A big congratulations to Abi¬īs owner – Lenka LaŇ°Ň°√°kov√° (Happy Gang kennel-CZ)!



    28. 09. 2013  Special Club Show  & Alpok-Adria Club Show /H/

    We had a wonderful day at two club shows in Hungary ūüôā¬†“Ariel” and “Zero” did again very well and we are so happy for both of them¬†

    ¬†JCH. Helmi√§isen Ariel¬†–¬†2x Excellent¬†1, 2x JCAC, Speciality Junior Winner¬ī13, 2x BOB junior,¬†2x BEST OF BREED,¬†Junior BISS – 2¬†and¬†BEST IN SHOW – 3¬†!!!

    GrandCH. CH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zero¬†–¬†2x Excellent¬†1, 2x CAC, Speciality Winner 2013 and BEST MALE !!!

    Thanks so much to judges Oliver Simon (SRB) and István Csík (DE)!!!



    14. 09. 2013¬†¬†NAT Luńćenec¬†¬†/SK/

    GrandCH. CH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zero¬†–¬†Excellent¬†1, CAC



    04. 08. 2013  INT Zakopane  /PL/

    Very hot but nice and successful day in Poland for our sweet duo Cara and Zero ūüôā

    CH.¬† MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zanzara¬†–¬†Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and¬†BEST OF BREED¬†!!!


    GrandCH. CH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zero¬†–¬†Excellent¬†1, CAC

    Many thanks to judge: Mrs. Joanna SzczepaŇĄska-Korpetta (PL)!!!



    14. 07. 2013  INT Oberwart  /A/

    Our very first show in Austria (except WDS last year) and he did it again !!! We are so happy ūüôā

    CH. ClubCH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zero¬†–¬†Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BEST MALE and¬†BEST OF BREED¬†!!!

    For lovely words and kind approach my big thank goes to judge Iris Urschitz (A)!!!



    07. 07. 2013  NAT Velence  /H/

    Yupiiiii!!! Today was our day again :)) “Zerko” finished Grand CH of Hungary¬†
    in his only 21 months and with together 4x CAC and 4x BOB in a row and “Ariel” got¬†her second BOB in only 11 months ūüôā¬†
    They make me happy and proud every weekend ‚ô°‚ô°‚ô°

    CH. ClubCH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zero¬†–¬†Excellent 1, CAC and¬†BEST OF BREED¬†!!!


    JCH. Helmi√§isen Ariel –¬†Excellent¬†1, JCAC, JBOB and¬†BEST OF BREED¬†!!!

    Many thanks to judge Gyula S√°rkozy (H)!!!



    29. 06. 2013  NAT Szentes  /H/

    And he did it again! His third BEST OF BREED in a row !!! ♥♥♥¬†
    He¬īs missing the last one CAC to finish Grand CH of Hungary :))

    CH. ClubCH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zero¬†–¬†Excellent 1, CAC and¬†BEST OF BREED¬†!!!

    Our huge thanks to judge Paróci Pál (SRB)!



    22. 06. 2013¬†¬†Club show of chihuahuas and papillons, Doln√Ĺ Smokovec¬†¬†/SK/

    And again great success, this time of our young girl “Ariel” ! She has only almost 11 months and¬†won everything what she could¬†

    ¬†JCH. Helmi√§isen Ariel¬†–¬†Excellent¬†1 / 7, Junior Class Winner,¬†BEST OF BREED, Junior BIS – 1.place¬†and¬†BEST IN SHOW – 1.place¬†!!!

    Sibirskiy Brend Dominica –¬†Excellent¬†1

    Many thanks to judge Mr. Vladim√≠r Javorńć√≠k (SK) !!!



    16. 06. 2013  INT Kraków  /PL/

    YEEAAH, another BOB in our team !!! What a weekend!!!¬†¬†I¬īm in the seventh heaven ♥

    CH. ClubCH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zanzara¬†–¬†Excellent 1, CAC,¬†

    CH. ClubCH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zero¬†–¬†Excellent¬†1, CAC

    ¬†JCH. Helmi√§isen Ariel –¬†Excellent¬†2 / 5

    My huge thank you goes to judge Mrs. Viktoriya Pogodina (UA)!



    15. 06. 2013  INT Székesfehérvár  /H/

    HE DID IT AGAIN!!! Two weekends – two times BOB! I can¬īt be more happy and proud¬†

    CH. ClubCH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zero¬†–¬†Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and¬†BEST OF BREED¬†!!!

    Many thanks to judge Mrs. Katalin Radv√°nszky (H)!



    09. 06. 2013  NAT Herend  /H/

    Lovely and sunny day with friends :)) This time we had with us only our boy and he successfully started his another title – Grand champion of Hungary ūüôā And as a bonus he got also BOB – what more I could wish¬†

    CH. ClubCH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zero¬†–¬†Excellent 1, CAC and¬†BEST OF BREED¬†!!!

    Our big thanks goes to judge Kardos Vilmos (H)!



    02. 06. 2013  Derby Winner Show Nitra  /SK/

    What a weekend for our hope “Ariel” ! In her only 10 months she got her second Junior Champion title (in just 2 weekends – together 6x J-CAC and 4x J-BOB !!!) and Qualification for Cruft¬īs !¬† We are very proud of her :))

    ¬†JCH. Helmi√§isen Ariel –¬†Excellent¬†1, JCAC, BOB junior, Derby Winner 2013 and Qualification for Cruft¬īs 2014 !!!


    Many thanks to judge A. Schemel (AT) !



    01. 06. 2013  Grand Prix Slovakia Nitra  /SK/

    ¬†JCH. Helmi√§isen Ariel –¬†Excellent¬†1, JCAC, Grand Prix Slovakia Junior Winner 2013 !!!

    CH. ClubCH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zanzara¬†–¬†Excellent¬†2, r. CAC, r. CACIB

    CH. ClubCH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zero¬†–¬†Excellent¬†2, r. CAC


    Thanks to judge K. Radv√°nszky (HU) !


    31. 05. 2013  NAT Senec  /SK/

    ¬†JCH. Helmi√§isen Ariel –¬†Excellent 1, JCAC

    CH. ClubCH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zanzara¬†–¬†Excellent¬†1, CAC

    CH. ClubCH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zero¬†–¬†Excellent¬†2, r. CAC


    Many thanks to judge I. Sopko (SK) !


    18. 05. 2013   World Dog Show 2013  Budapest  /H/

    CH. ClubCH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zanzara¬†–¬†Excellent¬†¬†in intermedia class ūüôā

    judge: Dr. Jose Luis Payro Duenas (MEX)

    Thanks so much to everyone involved for a lovely day and beautiful evening dinner. It was so nice to see again good friends and meet personaly some other great breeders which I very respect for their work in our breed. Congrats to everyone who won or had nice placements at this big show with a strong competition.
    My warmest congrats and thanks goes to my dearst Merja!!! Hope you know how much I am grateful to you for everything, see you soon



    27. Р28. 04. 2013   2x INT & 1x NAT Miskolc  /HU/

    Perfect sunny and successful weekend behind us !!! ūüôā All our 4-legs team did very well and we brought at home 3 new Hungarian champions :))

    Helmi√§isen Ariel –¬†3x Excellent 1, 3x JCAC, 3x JBOB !!!¬†(in only 9 months – first time in junior class !!! )


    CH. ClubCH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zero¬†–¬†¬†3x Excellent 1, 3x CAC


    CH. JCH. Helmi√§isen Set Fire To The Rain¬† –¬†3x¬†Excellent¬†1, 3x CAC


    CH. ClubCH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zanzara¬†–¬†2x¬†Excellent¬†1, 2x CAC, 1x r. CAC


    Many thanks to judges: Nenad Davidovińá (SRB), Kelemen Atilla (RO) and Kardos Vilmos (HU) !


    14. 04. 2013   NAT Czestochowa  /PL/

    This time we went to Poland and our results are ūüôā

    CH. JCH.¬†Helmi√§isen Set Fire to the Rain –¬†Excellent¬†1, JCAC, JBOB

    CH. ClubCH. MultiJCH. Rosalago MM¬īs Zero –¬†Excellent¬†1, CAC

    CH. ClubCH. MultiJCH. Rosalago MM¬īs Zanzara –¬†Excellent 2 / 6

    Thanks to judge Malgorzata Lewandowska (PL) !



    06. 04. 2013   NAT Pápa  /HU/

    “Cara” did it again !!! And whole our team did so well ! It was a great day and we are happy and so much proud of all of them¬†¬†

    CH. ClubCH. MultiJCH. Rosalago MM¬īs Zanzara –¬†Excellent 1, CAC and¬†¬†BEST OF BREED¬†!!!

    CH. ClubCH. MultiJCH. Rosalago MM¬īs Zero –¬†Excellent 1, CAC

    CH.¬†Helmi√§isen Set Fire to the Rain –¬†Excellent 1, JCAC¬†


    Helmi√§isen Ariel –¬†Very Promising 1,¬†Best¬† female puppy

    Many thanks to judge Ferenc Gröschl (HU) !



    30. – 31. 03. 2013 ¬† INT Bogatińᬆ& INT VrŇ°ac¬†¬†/SRB/

    We had a great weekend in Serbia ūüôā All 3 our darlings got nice titles and completed new Champion titles ūüôā We are very proud of them¬†

    ClubCH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zero¬†–¬†¬†2x Excellent 1, 2x CAC, 2x CACIB !!!


    ClubCH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zanzara¬†–¬†2x¬†Excellent¬†1, 2x CAC, 2x r. CACIB


    Helmi√§isen Set Fire To The Rain¬† –¬†2x¬†Excellent¬†1, 2x CAC, CACIB, r. CACIB¬†(in only 15 months – first time in intermedia class !!! )



    Many thanks to judges¬†Sanja Vretenińćińá and Marija Radovanovińá !


    23. 03. 2013   Victory Show РChampion of champions 2012  /SK/

    We were a very first time on this wonderful show and had a great time there ūüôā “Zero” and “Cara” were in the class of Junior champions ll. and results are:

    ClubCH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zanzara¬†–¬†“Cara” –¬† Excellent 1, CAC, Victory Junior Winner 2013 !!!

    ClubCH. MultiJCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zero¬†– “Zero” –¬†Excellent 2, res. CAC


    Thanks to judge:¬† M. GuniŇ° (SK)


    09. 03. 2013 ¬† Special Club Show LuŇĺianky¬† /SK/

    We had a very nice day with our friends and we bring at home 2 new Club champions of Slovakia – “Zerko” and “Cara” ūüôā And something more, both of them are¬†also on 5th and 6th place¬†in absolutly TOP CHIHUAHUA for year 2012 !!! (We don¬īt have here top ranking separately for females and males or for long and smooth coated…). It¬īs a great result for them, because both of them were showing in this year just in junior class and only a very short time – “Zerko” from June to October, so just 4 months and “Cara” from September to December, so just 3 months !¬† So we are very proud of them ūüôā



    And the results from the show are ūüôā

    MultiJCH. Rosalago MM¬īs Zanzara – “Cara” –¬†¬†Excellent 3 / 8

    MultiJCH. Rosalago MM¬īs Zero – “Zero” –¬†Excellent¬†3 / 4

    Helmi√§isen Set Fire To The Rain¬† – “Riina” –¬†Excellent¬†( in short list of 5 females from 19 junior females !!! )

    Helmi√§isen Ariel – “Ariel” –¬†Very Promising 1 / 8, Best sc female puppy


    Thanks for the pic of¬† “Ariel” to Andrax gold kennel !

    Thanks for the judging of smoothcoated chis to judge Ing. A. KoŇ°Ň•√°lov√° (CZ), for longcoated chis to I. Sopko (SK)


    23. 02. 2013   INT Nitra  /SK/

    We had another great show day ! ūüôā

    Helmi√§isen Set Fire To The Rain¬† – “Riina” –¬†Excellent 1, JCAC, BOS

    JCH. Rosalago MM¬īs Zero – “Zero” –¬†Excellent 1, CAC

    JCH. Rosalago MM¬īs Zanzara – “Cara” –¬† Excellent 2, r. CAC

    My big thanks goes to judge Zdenka Jílková /CZ/ !



    14.,15.,17. 02. 2013 ¬† 3x INT BudapeŇ°Ň• /HU/

    This weekend we went to Hungary, again with all our chihuahua team, but “Ariel” had only a training during these shows ūüôā

    JCH. Rosalago MM¬īs Zanzara – “Cara” –¬† r.CAC, CAC, CACIB

    JCH. Rosalago MM¬īs Zero – “Zero” –¬†3x Excellent 2, 2x res. CAC

    Helmi√§isen Set Fire To The Rain¬† – “Riina” –¬†ex.2, 2x JCAC, 2x JBOB


    Thanks so much to judges Groschl Ferenc (HU), Bánhidi Pálné (HU) and my special thanks goes to Mr. Gyula Sárközy (HU) !



    Picture from 17.2.2013 – BOB and CACIB male Mirek, owner: Natalia Petrova

    CACIB female Rosalago MM¬īs Zanzara “Cara” (on the right)

    judge: Mr. Gyula Sárközy (HU)


    03. 02. 2013  INT  Rzeszów /PL/

    The first Poland show in this year ūüôā “Cara” was the first time in intermedia class, “Riina” had her first show with me and the very first show debut had “Ariel” ūüôā Although “Zero” was second in open class, he was winner not only in my eyes :))

    JCH. Rosalago MM¬īs Zanzara – “Cara” –¬†¬†ex.1, CAC, r. CACIB

    JCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zero¬†– “Zero” –¬†Excellent 2

    Helmi√§isen Set Fire To The Rain¬† – “Riina” –¬†ex. 1, JCAC

    Helmi√§isen Ariel – “Ariel” –¬†VP 1, BOB puppy


    Thanks so much to judge: K. Opara (PL)


    26. 01. 2013 ¬† INT WINTERSHOW Trenńć√≠n /SK/

    What a lovely start do the new show year ! ūüôā “Cara” got her another JCAC in competition of 5 junior females and finished her 4th Juniorchampion title ūüôā We are very proud of her !

    JCH.¬†Rosalago MM¬īs Zanzara¬†–¬†Excellent 1, JCAC

    and new



    Thanks so much to judge: V. Javorńć√≠k (SK)


     WELCOME !

    This year couldn¬īt start better for us ! To our chi family came two new beautiful smooth-coated females from Finland ūüôā My BIG THANK goes to a great breeder¬†Merja Kahelin¬†(Helmi√§isen kennel) for her trust !!! I am so happy to have these lovely girls here, I very appreciate it !


    Helmiäisen Set Fire to the Rain                                                Helmiäisen Ariel